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Hello. Stand-up comedian Phil Wang here. Thanks for dropping by.

Last August I took my third show, Philth, to the Edinburgh Festival – if you came to see it, thanks!

My 2015 show ‘Yellow Mellow’ is available for FREE here on YouTube. I hope you like it.

If you want to catch me live outside of the Edinburgh Festival, check out my ‘GIGS’ page.

Sign up to my mailing list below so I can keep you updated with stuff I’m doing. I don’t send that many emails, so don’t worry. And when I do they’re always very nicely formatted. Basically just calm down.

I am also in a new sketch trio called Daphne. Have a look at what we’re doing here on our website.

Most importantly, please enjoy my website! Go ahead, have a click-about. Go nuts. See a bit you like? Click the blasted thing. See what happens.

OK, Wang out.